Debt Management

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The Good The Bad And The Ugly Of Debt.

Debt Management

Debt management is another pearl of wisdom I picked up from my dad.  He believed that “debt is evil.”  He knew because he ran a very successful debt collection firm for many years.  He saw how run away debt ruined people’s lives, and in all the time he was alive I do not think he had any debt other than his mortgage (which he paid off in 10 years!). 

Despite growing up in a home that abhorred the use of borrowed money, I got myself into trouble and I know the crushing weight that debt can have on your life.  Lot’s of research went into finding the right method to remove this burden and I am ready to help you do it too.  It wasn’t easy, but once it was done I didn’t look back.  It’s an amazing feeling to know that every dollar you make contributes to YOU and not some bank.  

Contrary to what my father thought back then, debt, if used wisely, can be a great thing.  Home mortgages, reverse mortgages, equipment financing, student loans, lines of credit, personal and unsecured loans are all terrific tools that you can use to successfully get through life or manage your business.  I work with clients to develop strategies to manage cash flow, consider the benefits and risks of debt, manage and pay down debt and develop habits to prevent debt from taking over their lives.  

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