Education Planning

Saving for your children's future

Last Time I Checked, College Wasn't Free.
- Steve Mullooly

Education Planning

Education was one of the best gifts my father gave me.  So, when my wife and I started having children I vowed to give the same gift to my kids when they were ready (aside from being an awesome dad!). I taught myself how to do this and even though I made a few mistakes along the way, I can help you do the same for yours.  

My fourth child is now in his second year of college and will graduate with zero debt, just like his siblings.  It wasn’t easy, but it took hard work, dedication and most importantly, time.  If time is not on your side and you have less than 10 years before those payments are due, we will look to other sources to fund that education and make the most out of what you have to give that gift to your children.

You can benefit from my experience and I will guide you through a combination of student loans, self-funding, government loans, credits, and scholarships from schools and private organizations.  Whichever way we get there, we’ll work together to determine the type of school you want your children to attend and project today’s costs into the future.  We will then determine the savings required, and look to fill any gaps with funding from other sources like loans, grants, scholarships and tax credits.

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